Aerostylic aeroponics system .

Our product Aerostylic is patent-pending and a fully automated aeroponics plant growing system, that controls watering, the timer and lighting to optimize growing conditions and allows plants everything they need for a healthy grow. Aerostylic is for home use and has an automated sprayer that mists a nutrient solution mix

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Aeroponics is the future!


How it works: The unit is filled with water and a nutrient solution mix in a water reservoir container and you can access it from the back opening of Aerostylic. A pump automatically mists the nutrient-rich solution onto the roots of the plants. The water falls down into the top reservoir where it is recirculated. An LED light lamp is mounted atop the unit providing the necessary amount of lighting for the correct duration of time. The LED lamp's neck can be adjusted for when the plants grow taller, you can raise the height.

Use Aerostylic with your remote control that comes with it or with a fully integrated app with your cell, laptop or desktop computer. If you use on your laptop/desktop you can add bluestacks to be able to download the app to your computer from the Google play store. The app will directly connect with your Aerostylic and includes features such as: •Step by step instructions •Water level notifications •Remotely set light start time and timer •Tutorials on how to properly operate the Aerostylic device •Use the device remotely

Specifications: Weights & Dimensions: •Overall dimensions: 24"W x 35"H x 20"D •Weight wood construction 85lb •Is ideal for smaller to medium size spaces •Spacious interior •Minimal assembly required

Grow plants in the air!

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We know you love your dirt, but pretty soon dirt will be a thing of the past when it comes to growing plants. Aeroponics is the future!

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